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Pain has nothing to do with emotion.

Well that is a big fat lie.
I lied because if you’re like me, it takes a long time to be open to the idea that your emotions physically influence your body. In fact, if I called this chapter ‘Your pain is emotional’, I think many people would just tune out. When you’re in pain, it really does feel like a raw, physical experience. It’s also insanely frustrating when people say, ‘oh it’s in your head, just ignore it’.

In the next pages, we’re going to explore the mind-body connection for pain. I promise we’ll stay completely scientific, no tarot cards, no wishywashy feelings, just real connections that you can experience while reading.

We’re going to start with your limbic system. Then we’ll talk about soccer players. Then we’re going to eat some lemons.

Exciting right!?

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Continue, with
I'm Sick of Being Sore

Feel good in your body, without treatment

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For those that want more out of life than aches, pains and medical bills.

A book just for you, available now.



Less pain

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Most pain is unnecessary. We've been fooled into thinking pain is an unavoidable part of getting older.

It's simply not true. 

Less appointments

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You don't need massage or 'cracks' to feel good. You don't need 'maintenance' treatments. 

There is a better way.

Future proof your body

Learn to truly self manage your body - so that you can still kick a ball with your great grandchildren. 

That's what your body is for - to help you get the most out of your life at every stage.

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Meet Matthew Green

"After 10 years in private practice, and 10,000 hours working with patients, I couldn't ignore the problem any more.

It was time to help people help themselves."


In 2012, Matthew created Mindful Myo - his first clinic.


In 2015, he founded an online-only telehealth clinic, for people with chronic pelvic pain.


In 2020, he created BodyGuide - the app that helps you self-solve aches pain and tension.


I'm Sick of Being Sore is next...


Cale Hooker
14 Season Veteran, Essendon F.C.

"When I met Matt, I was in a bad way. I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the season. After 6 weeks training with him,
I was back on the field, feeling as strong as ever."

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Dr Peter Brukner
OAM, previous team doctor for the Australian Cricket team & Liverpool F.C.

"Love Matt's work. Love his book. I'm Sick of Being Sore offers an enjoyable treat of a read that could change your life and let you return to some of those things you miss."

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